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deadbaconpool asked:

So why did you and your rigby get into a fight at that con? Is that an old post

So since I was so attached to my Rigby I casually turned into a “touch my Rigby and u’ll die” Mordecai.

So while at the con a drinking party happened in my room that I didn’t want and Rigby was totally having fun with it. While I was changing into a more comfortable outfit I come back out from the bathroom and see Rigby lying on top of some other girl, stomachs touching each other and I lost my shit. I slapped Rigby pretty damn hard on the back and walked away. I was really jealous but didn’t know how to let Rigby know other than slapping.

;U; In the end we left the room for a bit to get away from the drinks and Rigby was super quiet and eventually just sat down and wouldnt respond to me. So I knew hitting Rigby was wrong and was still jealous and curled up in a ball, while Rigby was probably in a lot of pain from the slap and felt pretty betrayed :’D

So while we were having our own little mental breakdown our Margret kindof just snapped a pic because yeah///

Rigby and I are no longer friends :C The incident happened in january.

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